RAM Meter

an Android app
which provides many meters such as Temperature Meter, CPU Meter, Internet Speed Meter and Signal Strength Meter all under same roof with more than

Adhunik Technologies

an Android app
a broucher app for a comapny which deals with security periferrals, to demo their clientele

Fortune Pillars

an Android app
for a real-estate company to display their real-estate to their customers

RAM Meter Pro

an Android app
similar to RAM Meter but a paid version with few minor tweaks

Royal Brothers

an Android app and iOS app
built it from the scratch when I worked at Royal Brothers,
my very first react native project


an Android app and iOS app
company which I'm working for currently with over 10M downloads on Android and 19M downloads on iOS and 2M MAUs.

what are my skills?



I have experience in react-native for almost for 3 years now, I built my first app in react-native in my first company from the scratch, I currently working as a react-native developer at Quizizz, I am glad that I have been part of the team from when the total downloads were less than 1M and have crossed 30M in past three years.



I started android development when I was pursuing my Engineering. Mobile development is my passion. I had developed an android app for my college which was a TimeTable app. In which students and faculties can find all the timetable of entire department aswell the phone numbers of all the faculties. It was a basic app but was my first app released to Playstore


on rails

Ruby on Rails was a new language to me when I joined Royal Brothers. It took almost a month to get hold of this language. My first work on Ruby on Rails took almost one month to complete but it was fun.

work experience?


I spent almost 8 months of time in freelancing, I developed a website for a tutorials, I developed an Android app for a Real estate company, I developed an Android app for a Security Peroferrals company. I did learn a lot in this eight months, the challenge being a freelancer.


I worked in the this company for about 6 months. I was trained in JAVA and SQL, I learnt a lot about the Industry in these 6 months

Royal Brothers

This was my first best company of my career where I learnt a lot of different languages like RubyOnRail, React-Native, Coffescript, Postgres


Quizizz is an educational platform with 60MAUs. In Quizizz I learnt how number of people in the company doesn't matter for the growth of a company.

about me?

"My name is Suraj, it was my dream to be developer since my childhood. I'm a Tech Freak and interested in Mobile development. It's been about 5 years being a Developer now. It has been a ride. Go big or go home!"

get in touch

  • surajmdurgad@gmail.com